At this age, babies are taking in the world around them as they reach new developmental milestones. Our class will open with a discussion of our babies’ milestones and development. Then we will use music and movement to play with our babies and stimulate them through sensory play and gross motor skills activities. Even at this young age we will incorporate early math and literacy skills in every class. Parents will leave with ideas on how to play with their baby and stimulate their growing mind throughout the week.

Family Fun is the perfect class for families with children in varying age groups. All aspects of our class allow for participation from all age groups and skill levels. Older siblings will be able to “help” their younger siblings through some activities and younger siblings will be able to show off their newly developed skill to the older children. Parents will enjoy watching their children learn how to interact together in a fun setting.

Pop Tots - Ages 12 months - 2 1/2 years old (Walkers)

Bitty Pops - Ages 4 months - 15 months (Non-Walkers)

Little Poppers are full of skills that prepare them to learn about sports and gymnastics. We will introduce them to different group and individual sports while emphasizing team work and good sportsmanship. They will continue to improve their listening and direction following skills as they play and learn. We also begin to teach classroom readiness skills such as lining up, waiting for your turn, and sharing with your peers. This class immerses them in early math and literacy skills as we play, and they won't even know they are learning. At this age children love being praised for their accomplishments. We will help build their self-esteem while teaching them so much more!

Little Poppers - Ages 2 - 3 years old

Our "UnPOPables" class is for our "big kids". This class encourages separation from the parents in a gentle way. Parents or caregivers may participate as needed along side thier child, however parents will also be encouraged to be a part of the "audience" as children perform their new skills allowing parents to cheer them on! The children will enjoy having their parents there to watch and encourage them, but will also teach them independence. Children will practice their fine and gross motor skills through different play and obstacle courses, as well as participate in sports and gymnastics. Classroom readiness skills such as lining up, waiting your turn and sharing with your peers will be emphasized, helping to prepare them for the transition to kindergarten.

"UnPOPables"  - Ages 4-5 years old

Now that they are on the move, our Pop Tots are exploring everything around them! This class will use music and movement to help them improve their balance and coordination as they explore and play along side other Pop Tots their age. We will incorporate early math and literacy skills into every class to help develop their growing minds as well.   We will encourage and cheer on their newly developed skills, helping to build their confidence each week!

Family Fun - Ages 0-5 years old